Jane is a 20 year old currently at Makerere University studying a bachelor’s degree in quantitative economics

I joined the church in primary four on a Christmas party. They were giving out gifts and when I got a gift I decided to stay in church. I continued to attend the children’s church. I was in a very poor school by then because my family and the circumstance at home could not allow me to be in a better school. The children’s pastor by then studied my condition and enrolled into the church’s child development program.  That changed my life and impacted my family that all of them gave their lives to Christ.

Currently I am at the university studying to become a financial auditor and the church is helping with my tuition. I want to own an auditing firm one day. We have also been recently blessed with a new house by 92 hands a youth movement that mobilizes and equips youth to transform their community  when our old house collapsed . I am so happy to be part of Word of life and I believe that one day I will be a blessing to someone like the church has been a blessing to me.




Word Of Life